AYDA Senegal

Our first project began in Saint-Louis around 2015 when a team of engineering students at Washington State University found a nonprofit in Senegal that sought a new building for their kindergarten and administrative office. The university team decided to incorporate the project into their final engineering course after approval from the engineering department. After much struggle to parallel the requirements of the course with such a unique project in different units of measurement, language, design requirements, and other unfamiliar variables. The design team presented the project during an hour presentation at the end of term with department-wide recognition

We are currently operating a training school for poultry farming and agriculture that provides free skill-building to youth from families in poverty. Administrative management is facilitated by our physical presence at the AYDA Senegal office located nearby. We believe that a physical presence is the best way for the community to communicate with AYDA since internet is not a viable option for communication from families in poverty.

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