AYDA Ethiopia

Our second project is in progress with an idea and proposed timeline for multiple activities in Addis Ababa and the outlying underdeveloped regions of Ethiopia. Upon our visit in January 2019 it was apparently that there were no enough writing utensils for youth in school. Writing is an integral part of education that can only be fulfilled by the availability of pens and pencils. In the smallest towns of northern Ethiopia, children would run up to a vehicle holding out their hand for pens – It was at that moment we realized a solution to the lack of pens was necessary while not bringing a thousand plastic pens to become a thousand plastic pieces of rubbish in a matter of weeks.

Our project consists of an economical and environmental way to produce pencils from wood fires, which are abundant in Ethiopia as the primary way to cook meals and produce the coffee ceremony.

Our plan

This grassroots effort has evolved slowly since 2015 from an idea to physical office space and school operated by AYDA staff. The next five years will be slow-moving, though continue to produce more results than the previous five years. The primary goal for years 2020-2025 will be the continued operation of our AYDA office and training school and continually develop methods for administrative efficacy.