Henhouse Project Fundraiser

Due to the success of our Henhouse Project, we are expanding and launching a fundraiser. The Henhouse Project Fundraiser would facilitate AYDA Senegal to create a greater impact.

Education is important for all aspects of development. The challenges facing Africa’s youth are complex and many – and the extent to which quality, relevant education and skills training is provided to youth across Africa will have lasting impacts on resilience, prosperity and sustainable development.

AYDA Chicken Farm

The AYDA Senegal team will manage this project and aim to buy 300 chickens, grain, vaccines, and chicken houses needed to raise the chickens. The farmed chickens and their eggs will then be sold to generate an income that will support AYDA Senegal’s youth development and education work.

Kids will be taught how and where to buy baby chickens, where you can ethically and safely raise the chickens, how to build an area to raise chickens, what food to buy, what antibiotics to buy, and they will be taught the important of grass-fed and fruit-fed chickens instead of unnatural foods. The people working with chickens have experience raising chickens. Kids will be taught how to encourage production of eggs, how to breed more chickens, and how and where to sell their chickens. Chickens are cage free. 

White Chickens at AYDA chicken farm

The proceeds from selling chickens through the Henhouse Project will be used to buy an agricultural plot of land to expand the size of the project and to then support our youth development and education work in Senegal.

Funds raised from the Henhouse Project Fundraiser would be used to purchase supplies to build the henhouse, chicks and food for the first batch of chickens. If you would like to help AYDA start a sustainable business, please consider donating to this cause.

yellow chicken at AYDA chicken farm

We ask you to support the project by making donations through our GoFundMe by visiting Any amount would be greatly appreciated. All donations are tax-deductible.

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