What we Do

We first start by supporting an existing nonprofit organization local to the community that similarly advocate for early-childhood youth development. By doing this, we learn a lot about the local community, its strengths and weaknesses and the feasibility of establishing an AYDA Centre. The purpose of the ADYA Centre is to establish a physical presence managed by a local project manager in order to establish trust and respect by the community before taking action. AYDA takes action by fundraising and constructing the necessary infrastructure for existing nonprofits which demonstrate an effectiveness and efficiency in the community that share AYDA’s overall objectives.

Economic Wellbeing

 We will ensure the financial sustainability of AYDA initiatives by leveraging innovative practices for cost efficiency and revenue generation. We will also consolidate our efforts and develop strategic funding partnerships for greater impact.


Establishing AYDA Centres for training and youth development activities targeting both in-school and out-of-school youth and specifically the most vulnerable and marginalised (up to 24 years of age). These AYDA Centres will focus on providing skills development and training on health/hygiene, sports, entrepreneurship, youth and girl empowerment, mechanics, French, English, mathematics, accounting, and economics.

A long-term goal is to expand the number of AYDA Centres in various countries and to standardize its curriculum – as well as to provide teaching in local languages. AYDA Senegal will soon acquire a second AYDA Centre in Senegal, through a partnership project with Association Chance for all Senegal (ACS).


We will help identify, showcase and where possible, “prototype” local best practices in terms of school infrastructure and administration, so they can be easily scaled and replicated.


This AYDA Centre also has 2 staff volunteers who provide first aid assistance to children.


AYDA Senegal has already established one AYDA Centre which comprises an office and two classrooms where at present, 3 AYDA volunteer teaching staff (aged 20 – 28) are involved in providing youth development workshops to children aged between 5 and 16 years of age. The AYDA teachers develop the curriculums themselves and the community provides their input about which courses they need and which students are most in need of attending the AYDA classes.


Community safety is improved directly and indirectly. Education, health, and skill training develops stability and motivation for the youth to maintain optimism for their future.

Safety is directly impacted by the collaboration among families to support the AYDA Centre by watching the building and property, which is one of the most effect “security systems” available in most communities we serve.


AYDA Senegal has initiated a project to clean-up certain streets in the Darou neighborhood and plant trees alongside the road.

AYDA Senegal has also established an annual trash cleanup.

Skill Training

AYDA aims to establish ‘AYDA Centres’ that will not only provide education, training, and wellness initiatives for youth, but also help young people overcome limiting mindsets that have kept them from achieving their potential.

Our goal

Kids in Senegal sitting with an instructor with a banner of AYDA Senegal

AYDA aims to establish a network of AYDA NGOs in countries across Africa – each sharing a united vision, mission and values, but operating independently and under independent management. The AYDA head office Board of Directors are responsible for all decision-making at the head office; the AYDA Centres will operate independently and will be managed by Project Managers who liaise closely with AYDA head office. AYDA’s head office plans to have oversight of all AYDA country offices to ensure a unified approach to operations in each country. Within the next 3 years, AYDA head office aims to create a salaried position for a Marketing, Communications & Fundraising Officer – and a long term goal is to create salaried positions for AYDA head office Board members and other staff – this will be achievable once AYDA’s budget exceeds USD1,000,000.