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About us

Alliance for Youth Development in Africa (AYDA) is a multinational nonprofit organization that advocates for improved conditions for youth development to acquire the skills and confidence to excel in school and continue education. We believe that education is a root cause for many problems later in life, such as poor hygiene habits, under-developed communication skills, and a severe lack of confidence and thus motivation to continue school.

Frequently asked questions


Why only Africa?

We believe that nonprofit organization charities should narrow their scope of purpose and charitable activities to a single target group and geographic location. For an average nonprofit organization of our size, including the entire African continent and its 54 sovereign nations is an ambitious goal. We have confidence in the millions of global charities to incorporate other regions of the world into their geographic scope.


AYDA Senegal

Our first project began in Saint-Louis around 2015 when a team of engineering students at Washington State University…


AYDA Ethiopia

Our second project is in progress with an idea and proposed timeline for multiple activities in Addis Ababa…

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