AYDA School Repairs After Heavy Rains

It has been a challenging year for everyone. AYDA has had a few challenges of its own.

In early September, while AYDA was building a new school, the roof collapsed at the AYDA Center where our office, classrooms, and health clinic is currently located. Fortunately, this occurred during a time when the AYDA Center was not operational due to the pandemic. The AYDA Center closed again this summer due to renewed restrictions by the Ministry of Education.

With challenging times comes perseverance. AYDA is committed to continue the construction work on the new school and despite the setback. The AYDA Senegal team in Senegal has already started the repair work and rebuilding the roof- as seen in the picture below.

AYDA School Repairs

AYDA Senegal is determined to push forward and continue its projects to support improved youth development in Senegal. AYDA will be reopening its AYDA Center in November if the pandemic restrictions are lifted. AYDA continues to provide free masks and disinfectant supplies to remain a safe environment for the hundreds of children we serve daily.

Written by Naina Anand

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