About us

Alliance for Youth Development in Africa (AYDA) is a multinational nonprofit organization that advocates for improved conditions for youth development to acquire the skills and confidence to excel in school and continue education. We believe that education is a root cause for many problems later in life, such as poor hygiene habits, under-developed communication skills, and a severe lack of confidence and thus motivation to continue school.

About us: Alliance for Youth Development in Africa (AYDA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in Washington state. Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 82234, Kenmore, WA 98028

Vision: AYDA envisions the Senegalese government to strengthen the Ministère de l’éducation National (National Ministry of Education) to prioritize schools, community sports programs, health education clinics, and other programs that support effective youth development to reduce systemic poverty. Senegal is one of most stable, peaceful, and developed nations in West Africa, yet still suffers from an extremely high poverty rate, therefore Senegal plays an essential political and economic role in the spotlight for its neighboring countries. Investments in education and youth development programs not only make an impact in Senegal, but even in other developing nations across the continent.

Mission AYDA repairs and supports existing and neglected infrastructure that will provide youth the skills and confidence to excel in school and continue education.

Core Values: Firstly, we prioritize aiding existing local nonprofit organizations managed by communities in Senegal. Secondly, we target our aid towards underprivileged and neglected communities without local schools. Thirdly, we support accomplishing our mission while simultaneously seeking environmentally-friendly alternatives, advocating for female leadership and empowerment, encouraging entrepreneurship, and youth education on health and hygiene.

Strategy: We first started by repairing the walls, roof, and blackboards of two existing schools which serve thousands of students from underprivileged families. Now that we have established our AYDA Office in Senegal, we can continue to network with these local schools to best understand how to make the biggest impact. Meanwhile, we will continue operating the new Training School which just opened and has already taught young students how to raise chickens to provide eggs for food and income.

Objective: While we continue to operate the Training School for poultry farming, and get settled into our new AYDA Office, AYDA plans to finish School fundraising by Thanksgiving in time to begin construction this December. This new school will be operated by a local nonprofit in Senegal, named Association Chance for all Senegal (ACS), managed by Fina Senghor. Her organization can be found at http://chanceforall-sn.org. She leads an ambitious goal to provide academic opportunities to girls and boys equally, from underprivileged families in the most neglected communities in the country. They have a mission and an army of teachers and local supporters to combat systemic poverty and give local youth the critical skills to succeed.

We are a non-profit organization

It is our belief that we can fulfill this mission in multiple ways. We first started by supporting an existing nonprofit organization local to the community that similarly advocated for early-childhood youth development. After AYDA became certified as a nonprofit organization, AYDA set forth to establish a physical presence in the community. In May 2019, AYDA Senegal launched the School of Animal Farming Training (SAFT), and the first overseas AYDA office was established in a leased space June 2019.

Note that AYDA does not believe in doing charity activities in place of the responsibility of the government. AYDA believes in finding deficiencies and flagging them to the Ministry of Education and other government agencies that are responsible for overseeing educational facilities and youth development programs. However, it is often necessary to build schools and open AYDA offices to listen to those in need in order to accomplish our goals.

Frequently asked questions

Why only Africa?

We believe that nonprofit organization charities should narrow their scope of purpose and charitable activities to a single target group and geographic location. For an average nonprofit organization of our size, including the entire African continent and its 54 sovereign nations is an ambitious goal. We have confidence in the millions of global charities to incorporate other regions of the world into their geographic scope.

Why support the more developed nations among Africa and not support the nations in most dire need?

We support emergency aid to war-torn nations and other countries suffering from natural disasters and other crises; however, we believe that our long-term goals will be accomplished by large investments in education and skill-building, which require infrastructure that is very vulnerable in the least developed nations and particularly those areas experience unstable political and ethnic violence. The nations we select are those often frequented by representatives from neighboring African nations which may notice efforts by AYDA that can be replicated in their own nations.

How are AYDA projects resilient to unstable politics, civil unrest, famine, natural disasters, and immigration?

The nations we select are those that are least likely to experience conditions that make our charitable infrastructure vulnerable to abandonment or even destruction. The most probable conditions to damage AYDA infrastructure are influxes in immigration from neighboring countries that experience conditions that produce emigrating refugees.

How can we trust that 100% of all monetary donations make it to the youth?

AYDA is registered nonprofit organization with the U.S. state of Washington and is a class 501c3 nonprofit charity with the United State Internal Revenue Services, which reviews every financial transaction from international donor to final purchase in Senegal. This is accomplished as AYDA and its Senegal team each have bank accounts that continue the financial trail from donation to purchase. Receipts of purchases are received by the local AYDA teams abroad, scanned, and archived in the AYDA database.

Are donations deductions tax deductible?

If no goods or services were provided, then it is a tax-deductible donation. Each and every donation by this definition are tax deductible in the United States.

What are acceptable donations?

We have received requests worldwide for sending material donations to underprivileged communities. After much research, the only sustainable methods are currently by mail. International package rates from the United States can be over ten-times the material cost, and shipping containers are thousands of dollars. For this reason, AYDA only accepts monetary donations. By sending money, the AYDA Senegal team can sooner start projects that impact the community immediately. The money is spent within the community to local builders, laborers, and carpenters.